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We are your local mobile wellness services company established October 2003 and we specialize in providing in-home personalized health and fitness training for individuals with and without chronic medical conditions and we recently added in-home outpatient physical therapyOur highly qualified and certified health and fitness professionals have a keen understanding of our client’s current medical, health and fitness status, are able to conduct appropriate screening and assessments, design safe, effective and enjoyable exercise and wellness programs that enable our clients to resume and achieve optimal function, health, fitness and performance. We often work in conjunction with our client’s healthcare team to establish the most effective health and fitness plan.


Our in-home personalized training and other wellness services are convenient, time efficient, reliable and a trustworthy service that keeps mature and older adult clients healthier with optimal wellness that compliments and improves their lifestyle. We are experts in health promotion and disease prevention and are able to incorporate a variety of lifestyle interventions (e.g. targeted exercise, nutrition, stress management, fall prevention and intervention, diabetes prevention and intervention), and behavior-modifying techniques.


For our older senior adult clients, the ‘house call wellness model’ keeps each person healthier, with the strength, balance and mobility to stay functionally independent and ‘Age in Place’ in the home of their choice.  In-home personalized exercise training, in-home outpatient physical therapy, fall prevention and intervention, and diabetes prevention and intervention program, are a valued service and provides a ‘continuum of wellness’. A continuum of exercise without any interruptions or gaps of inactivity where the individual can lose function enables our older and aging clients to reach their highest level of function and fitness possible throughout their life span and enjoy a high quality of life.   


Many of the wellness services provided by the exercise physiologist, medical exercise specialist, personal trainer, balance and mobility specialist, physical therapist and certified diabetes educator overlap. Our main goal is to provide high quality services that delivers optimal benefits to our client and to provide recommendations in the client’s best interest. We follow recommendations from our client’s health care provider and often work as part of a client’s health care team.

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Fitness & Function LLC is a qualified program provider with Empowris. Empowris offers a new approach to corporate health and wellness programs – a qualified, accountable marketplace of a community’s top weight management programs, designed to drive employee engagement and healthy outcomes.

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