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We are passionate about health, fitness and wellness and in 2003 created the business model that is based on the old fashion house call, and the old fashion notion that the CLIENT IS THE PRIMARY FOCUS. Fitness & Function provides a wide range of wellness services and are known for delivering innovative and targeted exercise programs that help our clients stay active with better health, optimal function, vitality, and a higher level of fitness. 

At Fitness & Function we deliver of in-home Personal Training, Balance, Mobility and Fall Prevention Programs including Award-ExerciseIsMedicine[1]Winning Intervention programming, Diabetes Intervention and Prevention, Outpatient Physical Therapy, in-home AHA First Aid, CPR and AED training, and wellness presentations.

Since 2003 Fitness & Function has promoted the concept of Aging in Place, and in 2015 outpatient physical therapy completed the continuum of care model that transitions the older adult from traditional episodic intervention into a more Pro-Active Aging’ or Vibrant Aging’ model. This is done through ongoing therapeutic, fitness, wellness and our comprehensive balance, mobility and fall risk reduction programming designed to improve a senior’s ability to safely remain INDEPENDENT and at home. Click here to download the Stay Strong At Home Brochure 

Our health and fitness professionals have exceptional training and experience in balance and mobility training and falls prevention and intervention programming (we offer: FallProof, Stay Well At Home, Tai Chi Movement for Better Balance, Stepping On, and Otago). Bayla; our PT is the first physical therapist in Oregon to achieve certification is all three of the CDC’s senior fall reduction programs: Tai Chi Movement for Better Balance, Stepping On, and Otago.

Our highly qualified and certified health and fitness professionals have a keen understanding of our client’s health and provide individualized exercise training that is tailored to each client’s health, fitness and medical status. Jacqueline is a Subject Matter Expert for the American Council on Exercise and has served on the exam committee for the Medical Exercise Specialist Exam.  

We help people in their 40’s, 50″s, 60″s. 70’s, 80’s, and BEYOND, achieve optimal health and fitness, stay active, maintain independence, vibrant and engaged in life. All our in-home services are available and are tailored to our clients’ needs, wellness goals and budget. Outpatient Physical Therapy is convenient, time efficient, less stressful, there is no wait list and the patient/client receives undivided attention during the hourly sessions.

Fitness & Function was established in 2003. It is our mission to provide safe and effective personalized training; health-and well-care services with the goal of optimizing our clients’ fitness and wellness potential aimed at achieving and maintaining a high quality of life well into the later advanced age years. Our in-home personalized training and other wellness services are convenient, time efficient, and reliable and are a trustworthy service.

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Fitness & Function LLC is a Portland based qualified program provider with Empowris. Empowris offers a new approach to corporate health and wellness programs – a qualified, accountable marketplace of a community’s top weight management programs, designed to drive employee engagement and healthy outcomes.

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