I have been working with Jacqueline for 6 months now. She has a wonderful depth of knowledge, is patient, positive, reassuring and gives consistent feedback so I know where and how I have progressed and where I need to focus. The exercises are changed up at a challenging but comfortable rate. Since working with her I no longer fall from losing my balance, am stronger overall, and have much more energy. Also as a lifelong avoider of exercise, I now walk between 2 and 4 miles a day, practice the exercises she has suggested, (mostly), and miracle of miracles, I’m loving it! Additionally, I am continuing to lose weight – 6 more pounds to reach “normal,” and…
I no longer take medications for depression, high blood pressure or incontinence!
Oh yes, and I’m 75. Amazing!!! 

Sydney Rice 


Bayla and Jacqueline, Thank you for sharing your expertise with the U.A. Local 290 Retiree Wellness Program. Wellness Program activities have a big impact on our membership. You have played a part in working towards improving the overall wellness and quality of life of our members and their families.


Watch the interview with Jacqueline and her guest being interviewed on the February 9, 2016 Cycology Today Show from the NW Bicycle Safety Council about overcoming obstacles for riding a bike with medical conditions.



I am an assisted living resident and Bayla O’Brien has been my physical therapist. I’ve been able to make a great recovery from a double break in my left femur. Due to prior injuries my left leg, I had some traumatic problems with relearning to walk. Bayla was very aware of this and helped me overcome my initial reservations about walking. We worked through many exercises that were helpful for me to dismiss my mental doubt about using my leg. She helped me regain confidence. The exercises were significant towards my recovery of my balance worries and my walking with a walker. This in turn led to the culmination of my final goal of using my cane as the main source of my getting around.



Jacqueline Sinke has been giving what amounts to physical exercise twice a week for a few months.  My problem is that with increasing age (I am now in my 90’s) my sense of balance was deteriorating, and indeed had one serious fall which was the main reason for seeking her help.   I have been slowly making wonderful progress in all sorts of activities (e.g. getting up from a chair, taking short walks, etc.) and furthermore I am in general feeling more vigorous and less anxious about falling.  I am even learning how to get up off the floor!

My sessions with her are very well conducted.  Her choice of exercises seem to me just right, and she supervises them carefully to see that she is not overextending me.  The whole experience for me has been very positive; I feel very lucky to have her expert help.   

 – Dr. J. Bonner written age 93 (currently 96 years of age)


I contacted Jacqueline to help me regain upper body strength after a mastectomy and chemo therapy. She has developed a program for me that has me stronger than ever. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging.
I am grateful for her help and I highly recommend her services.

– A. Doll


Bayla was my physical therapist after I had a stroke. She is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. I credit her with my complete recovery and ability to travel across the country to attend my grandson’s wedding.



My wife and I have been working with Jackie for over a year now. Not only is she professional, caring and skilled, she is always on time. Her workouts are tailored to each of our needs and she changes them around frequently to keep us from getting complacent. Jackie is very knowledgeable in the areas of osteoporosis, arthritis and aging which has been a big help. We would both highly recommend Jackie to anyone seeking a personal trainer.

– Mark Willner


The therapy I have taken with Bayla for incontinence has been most helpful. Sleeping through the night was one of my concerns-now I get up once and I’m back to sleep again and wake up refreshed. Taking trips and social events are no longer a problem. I can handle 3 hours away from a bathroom (and even four) by paying attention to what I learned and relaxing. The directions and exercises are easy to follow and I’d recommend the therapy to anyone who has this problem. It is well worth the time it takes to learn under Bayla’s instruction.



I would give Bayla a very high rating.  She is tough and very good.  I am very satisfied.  I had physical therapy for my hip fracture a few years ago, and they were nothing like Bayla.  I think Bayla is fantastic!

-G. G.


Without question, Jacqueline Sinke is one of the finest fitness professionals I have ever known, an observation shared by all of our fitness directors and staff. Mrs. Sinke has incredible credits, and, more importantly, a caring, helpful attitude that motivates her clients to work sensibly and seriously towards attaining their fitness goals. She exemplifies all of the high-quality personal characteristics desired in a fitness instructor.

– Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D.
Fitness Director National Strength Consultant


One of the problems of incontinence is the lack of sleep when you are getting up several times during the night to use the bathroom. Lately we are reminded we need seven to eight hours of sleep to feel energized to get through the next day. Bayla has taught me how to get a good night sleep without napping during the day. Also when I do feel the need to use the bathroom, I feel confident I don’t have to rush to get there. I had experienced falling in my attempt to get to the bathroom, resulting in a trip in the wee hours of the morning to the emergency room for stitches on my chin. The chance of falling is always a fear as we age and become unbalanced. Bayla has not only helped me with continence control, day and night, but also with balance. I highly recommend her therapy treatments.



I attended Jacqueline‘s talk on Osteoporosis and Osteopenia on January 18, 2013. I was wary of going…would it be worth my time? Would I learn anything new? Would it be information I could easily find myself on the internet?

I want you to know that I am very happy I went. I learned a lot. Jacqueline was very knowledgeable and well-prepared. She covered lots of different aspects about Osteoporosis. My friend and I left her talk feeling that it was well worth our time and money. We plan to attend some of her other talks.

 – Barbara Tuttle


I started working with Jacqueline in 2011 after attending her very informative lectures on physical fitness, weight training,osteoporosis, etc., and as as result I feel so much better about myself, both physically and mentally. She came to our home for eight weeks for individual workouts to begin with, adding new exercises and checking to see if I was doing the others properly.

Whenever I need a refresher session she is always so helpful and caring. I feel so much better after doing an hour or so, or even just a few exercises at a time during the day. I have about 60 different exercises so it never gets boring. 

Her concern, patience, explanation of what each exercise does for each muscle, always arrived on time and stayed an extra 10 min., and advise couldn’t be better. (My husband is quite impressed with the results of my daily workouts- maybe because I wear size 10 now!) I am 71 feeling like 51 thanks to Jackie. I can’t say thank you enough times.

– Pat Davis


I have been a member of Jacqueline’s Fitness classes at the Elsie Stuhr Senior Center for the past 8 years.  Under her guidance, I have become much stronger, and able to be self sufficient. 

Fellow Seniors with me in her classes continue to stay with her for years because she is so knowledgeable and professional, as well as being a very caring and considerate woman. She is constantly educating herself as illustrated by the number of certifications she has earned in her field. She holds the only area certification as a Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor, and one of the possible two in the entire State of Oregon.

– Patricia Urban


Bayla is a shining star, more knowledgeable than anybody I have been to in thirty years.  She has given me hope when there was none.  I like coming to physical therapy. I have never stuck with anyone before to the end of the session. 

-L. H.