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Bayla graduated from Washington University’s medical school – program in Physical Therapy, St Louis Missouri in 1984 and also received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan. Bayla also received her certification as a FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor from California State University – Fullerton, Gerokinesiology Department. FallProof was awarded ‘best practice’ for fall reduction programming by the National Council on Aging.

Bayla is the first physical therapist in Oregon to achieve certification is all three of the CDC’s senior fall reduction programs: Tai Chi Movement for Better Balance, Stepping On, and Otago.

Bayla has been a frequent speaker at local senior centers -Lake Oswego, and Elsie Stuhr, Independent Living facilities: Terwilliger Plaza, Stafford, The Springs, Avamere Bethany, Laurel Parc at Bethany village, and the Rose Schnitzer manor; church and synagogue senior and women’s groups; Union wellness programs, and NW Geriatric care manager and Oregon Long Term Ombudsman conferences

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The first half of her career was spent practicing in an outpatient clinic with an emphasis on manual orthopedic therapeutic intervention. Early in her career, she learned how physical therapy could assist in the area of TMJ dysfunction and pain from M. Rocabado and S. Kraus

Bayla lived for a year in England where she first began to focus her training in the art of manual therapy. In 1988, She had the good fortune to attend the IFOMT (International Federation of Manipulative Therapy) convention and meet the original pioneers of the field who inspired her to go on to develop her skills in this specific discipline. While in England, Bayla was exposed to the original research efforts of B. Elvey on upper limb tension testing for cervical and upper extremity dysfunction and the use of neuro-mobilization techniques and also studied the Cyriax approach; and when she returned home devoted a year to studying the Maitland –Australian manual therapy approach to evaluation and treatment of orthopedic dysfunction.

Bayla spent time away from her career to devote to her husband and four children. Upon returning to the practice of physical therapy, Bayla found that her interests and passions were directed toward the wellbeing, fitness and fall risk reduction programming for the older adult. She continued her education with advanced training in the areas Parkinson disease, hip dysfunction and osteoarthritis, non-invasive incontinence resolution, and many other areas important to the care and treatment of older adults.

Bayla’s philosophy and approach is to treat her senior clients with the Continuum of Care model. Back in 2001 and 2011, both the American and British Geriatric Society (representatives and experts from the fields of physical therapy, pharmacy, orthopedics, emergency medicine, occupational therapy, nursing, home care and geriatric practice) devised, revised and updated guidelines to the treatment of and the prevention of falls in the older persons: “All interventions for fall prevention should include an exercise component” … because “falls are one of the most common health problems experienced by older adults and are a common cause of losing functional independence” … “emerging evidence that the rate of serious fall injuries, such as hip fractures, is decreasing in areas in which fall prevention in integrated into clinical practice” … those with a history of gait (walking) problems or recurrent falls should undergo a multifactorial fall risk assessment including evaluation for muscle weakness and balance problems, examination of the feet and footwear, functional evaluation – activities of daily living skills, use of mobility aids, environmental evaluation including home safety and self-reported fears concerning falling.

Bayla has been a member of the Multnomah County Healthy Aging Coalition. Bayla is committed to the education of the older adult and has developed presentations and lectures for area senior centers, Independent living facilities, and 55+ residential communities: Redefining Health and Wellness – fall risk reduction, Balance – A Topic for the Ages, Devine Feminine – Incontinence resolution after menopause.

Bayla was thrilled to find a like-minded approach and individuals at FF. She believes that the older adult should not ‘age gracefully’ but instead be proactive about their health and age with strength, balance and vitality well into their 9th decade of life! A decline in physical fitness should not force an older adult to move out of their home. Bayla is committed to helping the older adult become strong, balanced, safe, and mobile; and most importantly – functionally independent and therefore able toage in the place of their choice!’

Bayla is an authorized contractor for Fitness & Function. 

  • Presenter at 2017 State of Oregon Long-term Care Ombudsman training weekend on “Fighting Frailty”.