Active Aging Senior Fitness and Wellness

Active Aging Senior Fitness and Wellness 

Active aging, senior and geriatric fitness and wellness is our specialty. In-home personalized exercise training is provided for seniors of all ages with and without chronic medical conditions and illness. Targeted exercise training with a specific purpose optimizes benefits and helps our clients reach their wellness goal.  

As you age, good balance, mobility and sufficient strength is essential in performing tasks and activities of daily living. However, age-related declines, disease, illness, falls, physical inactivity and habits of too much sitting threatens a senior’s precious independence. 

Fitness & Function promotes active aging and focuses on restoring function, disease prevention, optimizing health, fitness and sports performance. Most older adults want to ‘age in place’ and prefer to stay in their own home. Fitness & Function provides the services aimed to keep seniors be independent for as long as possible, be vibrant and to stay engaged in life throughout the lifespan.  

In-Home Personal Training to Optimize Fitness and Disease Prevention

Personal training is tailored to each client, and exercise programs are carefully designed with a specific purpose to provide optimal functional fitness and health, to reduce the risk for development of chronic medical conditions (building and maintaining strong healthy bones, good joint range of motion, strength, stamina, endurance, to improve health by maintaining a healthy blood pressure, body weight, cholesterol levels, and to achieve a high level of fitness for sport performance.

In Home Personal Training to Better Manage and Treat Chronic Medical Conditions

Appropriate assessment and carefully designed exercise programs are tailored to each client’s health and medical status and are aimed to better manage and treat chronic medical conditions. Most medical conditions can be improved with targeted exercise training; conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s, cancer, orthopedic issues and joint replacements, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, muscular sclerosis (MS), osteoporosis and osteopenia, arthritis etc.  Exercise is Medicine; carefully selected exercise performed on a regular basis can improve function, reduce medication and dosage, reduce side effects of medication and medical treatment, can reduce immediate and long term side effects of cancer treatment reduce and eliminate pain, reduce the risk for development of related medical conditions, and helps to reduce daily blood sugar to better manage A1c. 

Home Fitness Care

Home fitness care is personalized exercise training on an ongoing and long-term basis aimed to restore and maintain function, strength, stamina, balance, mobility, to prevent falls and injuries, with the goal of keeping the older adult independent in their own home.  Home Fitness care is also offered to seniors in adult care, assisted living and retirement communities to slow down age and disease related declines and to maintain functional health for as long as possible.

Palliative Home Fitness Care

Palliative exercise is provided for clients in the advanced stages of a life-threatening disease designed to slow down functional decline due to the disease process and help decrease fatigue, improve physical strength and endurance, reduce symptoms, improve mood, and stay at home for as long as possible.

In Home Balance, Mobility and Fall Prevention Intervention Exercise Programs

The best time to start balance and mobility training is before you begin to experience significant balance problems. Initially, slight changes in balance are barely noticeable, a little stumble or slight unsteadiness is a sign that your body is changing to which you need to pay attention to. Falls are the number one reason older adults lose their independence. One out of every four older adults 65 years and older falls annually, however, falls are not a normal part of aging, and most falls are preventable. There are many reasons why people fall and a comprehensive balance and mobility assessment can identify specific balance challenges, strength and weakness. This information is crucial in the development of an exercise program that specifically targets your balance challenge. Many of our health and fitness professionals received additional training in balance and mobility certifications and can implement the award-winning balance and mobility program FallProof, as well as the Stay Well At Home Program, and Tai Chi for Better Balance, Stepping On, and Otago.

In Home Outpatient Physical Therapy

While we go through life we sometimes move from ability and good function to disability. We need specialized exercise to restoring function after joint replacement, surgery, a fall, loss of function due to long-term inactivity or changes that have occurred over time that need to be corrected. Our in-home outpatient physical therapy supports the scientifically proven connection between restoring and building strength, and active aging. In-home Outpatient Physical Therapy is convenient, time efficient, less stressful to the patient and/or caregiver. We can usually schedule you for evaluation the same week that we receive your phone call and begin receiving treatment.