Balance, Mobility, Falls Prevention

Stay Independent As You Age

Adding years to your life and quality of life to your years

Falls are the #1 reason why older adults lose independence. The good thing is that falls are not a normal part of aging, are not an inevitable part of aging, and the aging process by itself does not cause someone to fall

When you or a family member is beginning to experience balance problems, or when a near-fall or a fall has occurred (with or without injury), it is time to take actionMany of our senior clients experience long-term independence due receiving an exercise program that has been specifically tailored to their health, function, fitness and medical status. Achieving better balance, strength, mobility, allows our clients to safely stay at home, adding years to their independence and quality of life to their years to even advanced  97+ years of age. 

The ANNUAL FEE for private personal training in the comfort of your home and receiving an exercise program that is specifically designed to help you stay functionally independent is less or equal to the cost of ONE MONTH of an Assisted Living Facility(ALF).

The BEST Long-Term Care Insurance Plan is one that helps you Stay INDEPENDENT. Research shows that the most effective balance, mobility and fall reduction programs are those delivered in the home and individually tailored to the balance impairment. 

Fitness & Function is a Viva Village NW Vetted Vender

You can receive In-home personalized exercise training twice to three times a week for $650 to $1200 per month depending on the number of sessions and expertise and qualifications of the health and fitness professional. 

The ‘Stay Well At Home’ program Fee is about $1600 and provides 6 months of training and phone support, an exercise manual, DVD’s and exercise equipment.  Stay Well At Home is for the senior who is self-motivated, has the cognitive ability to perform these exercises safely and independently. He or she can benefit from the program year after year.

Parkinson’s Disease specific exercise can be provided to improve functional fitness with better strength and endurance, to improve posture, balance and mobility, overcome freezing, getting off the floor, couch or bed, getting out of a car, getting dressed, and moving in crowds and more. 

Early screening and assessments:

Early screening and appropriate assessments can identify impairments in balance and mobility. The best time to start with a balance and mobility program is when you are beginning to experience problems, the sooner the better. One out of every four older adults 65 years and older falls annually, falls are the main reason older adults lose independence, most falls happen at home, and three-thirds of deaths from falls were at home. We perform the CDC recommended STEADI Fall Risk Screen for every client 65 years and older. We work with our client’s health care provider and, include and continue with exercises that have been recommended by the physical therapist.

Balance, Mobility and Falls Prevention and Intervention Programs:

  FallProof Balance and Mobility Training:

FallProof™ was awarded “best practice” for fall reduction programming by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). FallProof program participants have shown SIGNIFICANT improvements in balance, lower body strength, functional mobility, balance-related self-confidence, and the program has proven to reduce the risk factors that contribute to falls among older adults. FallProof is the best program available for improving balance and mobility among older adults. FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialists are able to tailor this program to each client and focuses on optimizing the use of each client’s (1)sensory system [visual system, vestibular system, somatosensory system], (2) motor system, and (3) cognitive systems. Exercises help older adults improve muscle strength, flexibility, improve and maintain bone health, and slow down age related declines.

  • FallProof™ is suitable for older adults beginning to experience balance problems and should not be using a cane on a regular basis. 
  • FallProof level Adult Health Day-Care is suitable for older adults at high risk for falling, frail, using a walker or cane, who have had fallen within the last year, and have moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to multiple risk factors. Also beneficial for adults requiring assistance in ADL’s.

swahStay Well At Home Program: 

Fitness & Function is an authorized provider for the Stay Well At Home program and we have several trained facilitators in the Portland Oregon area who are ready to bring this program home to you. This 6-month long program combines in-home personal training that gradually tapers down to phone consultations, and guides you to gradually take over and manage your program independently.
Stay Well At Home program provides the resources and materials needed older adults to continue independently after the initial 6 months.
Each participant receives his or her binder with detailed pictures and explanation of exercises and progressions, home safety information and check lists, exercise equipment, four exercise DVD’s and much more. The older adult can utilize and benefit from the Stay Well At Home program for many years to come and maintain strength, balance and mobility.

The goal of the Stay Well At Home program is to empower the older adult to make necessary behavior changes and to manage their own fall risk in a long term and thus reduce the risk factors that contribute to falls. 

Beneficial for older adults 65 and older at risk for falling, a history falls with and without injuryThis program was developed by the leaders in older adult exercise research at the Center for Successful Aging – California State University – Fullerton


This program provided by a certified Physical Therapist is a 12-month in-home exercise program to prevent falls in older adults. Suitable and most effective for older adults 80 years or older, who have had fallen within the last year, and have moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to multiple risk factors. 

Tai Chi-Movement for Better Balance:

This is a simplified eight-form program endorsed by The Oregon Health Authority. Research shows that Tai Chi is effective in reducing falls among relatively healthy but sedentary older adults at low-to-moderate levels of fall risk. Please note: This type of exercise however has not been successful in reducing falls in older adults at high risk for falls. (ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal VOL. 19/NO. 3).

Stepping On: Building Confidence and Reducing Falls in Older Adults (workshop):

This 7-week multi-faceted falls-prevention group workshop with a 3-month booster session has shown to reduce the risk of falls by 31% in older adults. This workshop is suitable for independent living older adults who can walk without the help of another person or walker. Because the rate of falls  in Oregon is 70% higher than the national average, the State of Oregon has recognized the value of this program and is endorsed by The Oregon Health Authority. Research shows that completion of Stepping On results in a 31 percent reduction in falls. We can instruct Stepping On at various locations such as independent living communities, senior centers, clinics and hospitals.

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