Cancer Exercise Training

Cancer Exercise Training

Optimizing your health and fitness while under going active cancer treatment, regaining your fitness and function after treatment and reducing late effects can make a significant impact on quality of life. Side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue and balance problems from chemo therapy, or long-term and late effects from treatment during child hood or adult life can be reduced with targeted  exercise training. Muscle strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and joint range of motion, balance and mobility are important for the cancer patient and survivor.

When you have lymphedema and/or peripheral neuropathy, we would like you to consider picking up Nordic Walking, the ‘grip and go’ technique (the constant contracting and relaxing of muscles in hands, arms, shoulders) boosts lymph drainage, provides a lower and upper body workout, the poles provide support when you have loss of sensation in the feet and/or hands, and the specialized glove provides support even when you are not holding on to the pole, promotes cardiovascular health, weight loss and weight management.

To minimize and reduce the side effects of cancer treatment “rehabilitation should begin with cancer diagnosis and should continue even after cancer treatment ends to impact fatigue, identified as one of the most common symptoms reported by survivors“(Cure’s summer 2012 issue). We are passionate about our work and are dedicated in helping our clients improve life with the appropriate exercise training program.

We understand many of the aspects of cancer diagnoses, surgeries, related symptoms and side effects of the various therapies and design and administer fitness assessments and exercise programs specific to your cancer diagnoses, treatment and current recovery status.  We work with your health care provider and follow recommendations pertinent to your treatment or related conditions.

Benefits of targeted exercise training:

  • Better tolerate cancer treatment
  • Reduce side effects of cancer treatment
  • Stimulate lymph drainage when you have lymphedema
  • Stop, slow down loss of strength, endurance, flexibility and range of motion due to cancer treatment and regain it after active treatment
  • Maintain or regain your balance and mobility(gait), and prevent falls due to chemo-therapy or radiation induced peripheral neuropathy
  • Boosting immune function,
  • Improve bone density and slow down bone loss, and prevent frailty
  • Enhance overall physical function
  • Prevention of cancer recurrence, prevention of second cancers, and promotion of overall health

What can a cancer exercise trainer do for you?

  • Safe physical activity, exercise and weight management through the course of disease treatment and survivor ship.
  • Supervised exercise is valuable when you experience cognitive changes due to chemo brain by making sure you perform exercise safely with proper technique at an effective level.
  • In-home personal training is valuable when you experience a compromised immune function and need to reduce the risk for infection.

Weight loss for the cancer survivor:

Keeping your body weight at a healthy range can improve the outcome of cancer treatment. Cancer diagnosis and treatment experience often affects body weight (either a gain or loss in weight) and a decrease in physical function. Side effects can cause weight gain, increases in body fat and loss of muscle. This weight gain increases the risk for recurrent and second cancers. For those undergoing cancer treatment a BMI of 35 and over have a reduced survival rate compared to those at a healthy body weight and body composition, losing weight therefore is essential for life.

Older adults and cancer exercise training:

By keeping the muscle strong you can maintain your functional ability. For older adults the side effects of cancer treatment often accelerate the aging process, leading to loss of function and independence. Childhood cancer survivors often experience accelerated aging. When you have been diagnosed with frailty(low muscle strength, low energy, weakness), balance and mobility problems due to weakness, peripheral neuropathy, osteoporosis or a heart condition or other late effect a targeted exercises program maybe able to stop and even reverse these functional declinesand increase your reserves and fitness level.

Striving for excellence in fitness and wellness services each time and every time. Promoting a healthy, fit and active lifestyle for every client. To ensure your best interest is always at the forefront and to give you our best every training session.