Health, Fitness and Body-Weight Assessments

Assessments and Fitness Testing

(1) Health and Body Weight Appraisal

A Health and Body Weight Appraisal is recommended prior to beginning: (1) an exercise program, (2) weight loss program, (3) weight management program (diet only, diet and exercise, or exercise only program), or (3) a program with the goal to gain weight.
How otherwise would you know if the weight you lost or gained is body fat or valuable lean tissue?

We measure your current body composition (body-fat percentage vs. lean tissue), body weight distribution, BMI, waist-to-hip, circumference measurements, resting blood pressure and resting heart rate, and determine your target exercise intensity.

We request when available your latest blood test that shows cholesterol, fasting glucose and A1C if diabetic and most recent bone density scan. Each piece of information is essential in the design of an effective exercise program that provides the benefits you seek, a program that is safe and effective and tailored to your current level of fitness, health and physical function.

(2) Senior Fitness Test

Your current fitness level is a vital sign as is your heart rate and blood pressure. The Senior Fitness Test assesses the functional fitness level of persons 60 – 94 years of age; it is safe and meets scientific standards for reliability and validity. Criterion fitness standards associated with maintaining functional mobility and physical independence identifies ranking in the 60th percentile as the cut point score on each test item that is best associated with having the fitness level needed to perform the types of everyday activities to remain physically independent until late in life, with late in life defined as age 90 and beyond and should be considered appropriate fitness goals for all older adults – Rikkli and Jones 2012. This test is critical for measuring functional mobility, performing daily tasks and an independent lifestyle. Find out if you are on track to live independently well into late in life.

The Senior Fitness Test (SFT) is especially important in:

  • Early detection of physical weakness
  • Providing essential information in making appropriate changes in physical activity and exercise habits
  • Data received provides key information for exercise program development
  • Enables you to track physical changes over time
  • Comparing scores to peers of same age and gender
  • Identify at-risk threshold for:
    • developing chronic disease such as osteoporosis or heart disease
    • identify at-risk threshold for mobility, walking and increased risk of falling

(3) Balance Assessments:

Berg Balance Scale (BBS): represents an individual’s ability to perform a series of functional tasks that require balance by simulating activities likely to encounter in their daily lives. Appropriate for assessing lower-functioning older adults.

Fullerton Advanced Balance Scale (FAB): designed to measure changes in multiple dimensions of balance in higher functioning independent living older adults.

STEADI: Stopping Elderly Accident, Deaths & Injury

  1. Timed Up and Go ( TUG) Test
  2. 4-Stage Balance Test


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