Personal Fitness Training

 Personal Fitness Training That Fits Your Life

Our Personal Trainers made movement their mission and are committed to deliver science-based health and fitness instruction to people in and around Portland OR.. With certifications accredited by the National National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), our personal trainers are equipped to deliver individualized programing proven to move people to adopt sustainable, healthy behaviors and a more active way of life.

Our Medical Exercise Specialists Exercise Physiologists utilize movement as treatment, to guide clients suffering from injuries and chronic disease towards a healthier life by designing programs that not only help alleviate the symptoms of chronic health conditions, but prevent them from occurring altogether.

Conditions such as diabetes (type I and II), heart disease, stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, pulmonary and metabolic disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis,
musculoskeletal issues, joint replacement (e.g. hip, knee, shoulder), falls history, and more can be improved with the appropriate exercise program.

Our fitness professionals represent a critical link between clinic and community, serving as valued member of the patient healthcare team and works alongside healthcare providers and other allied health professionals.

Our health and fitness professionals received advanced training in the following:

  • Delay The Disease # 1 Parkinson’s Exercise Program Certified  Trainers- by OHIO Health
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

  • FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructors

  • Stepping On Workshop Leaders- endorsed by the Oregon Health Authority

Transitioning from Physical Therapy

To retain the physical function and skills you have gained through physical therapy and progress to a higher level of fitness you need to continue with regular exercise training with a program that is specifically designed to help you reach our new wellness goal. Our accredited personal trainers help to optimize function and fitness, and provide progressive exercise in neuromuscular training, corrective exercise, resistance, flexibility, cardiovascular, balance and mobility training. To maximize health outcomes our personal trainers often train clients who simultaneously receive Home Health Services or Outpatient Physical Therapy.

Accredited Fitness Professionals 

Find us at USREPS US Registry for Exercise Professionals The Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® (CREP®) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) corporation composed of organizations that offer NCCA-accredited exercise certifications. Coalition members are committed to advancing the fitness profession and earning recognition as a health provider for practitioners that have passed a competency-based program using an exercise certification exam that has been accredited by the NCCA.

Primary to the mission of the Coalition is to provide individuals of all ages and abilities with resources and leadership to assist in safely and effectively reaching their goals of achieving more active, healthy lifestyles through movement, physical activity or exercise for recreation or performance. The US Registry for Exercise Professionals’ mission is to secure recognition of registered exercise professionals for their distinct roles in medical, health, fitness and sports performance fields.

Position Stand on Nutritional Supplements

“It is outside the defined scope of practice of fitness professional to recommend, prescribe, sell, or supply nutritional supplements to clients, or diagnose a medical condition that may require additional supplementation.”

“Supplements are not regulated or standardized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a substance labeled “natural” does not mean it is safe. There may be negative side effects associated with supplements and they may also contain other substances not listed on the label.” ACSM

Fitness & Function LLC does not sell nutritional supplementation. We do not recommend our clients to purchase nutritional supplements and advise clients to follow the information provided under the food guide pyramid (MyPlate) or food guide pyramid for older adults. We recommend clients work in conjunction with a qualified registered dietician (R.D.) or health care provider or medical doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness for using nutritional supplement products.