Residential Exercise Programs

Residential Exercise Programs

Senior and geriatric exercise programs and classes are available for instruction at retirement and senior residential communities. Our programs are aimed towards enhancing quality of life of older adults by being at their best for as long as they live. We have many years experience in program development for independent living older adults and older adults residing in assisted living communities. Programs previously developed: “Essential Balance and Mobility“, “Functional Strength“, “Ageless Conditioning“, “DIP-Diabetes Intervention Prevention Exercise Program“, “Revive-Exercise Recovery Program“, “Workout for: Better health, Weight-loss and the Ageless Athlete“.

We offer several evidence based therapeutic exercise programs with the goal of improving the senior’s ability to stay safely independent and age in place with fall risk reduction programming.

FallProof Balance and Mobility Training Program both for community dwelling individuals and in Health Daycare settings, Stay Well At Home Program, Stepping On, Tai Chi Movement for Better Balance, Otago.

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