TRX Suspension Exercise Training



TRX Suspension Training: we help Make Your Body Your Machine

TRX Suspension Exercise training is the cornerstone of the training programs of hundreds of professional athletes in football, baseball, combat sports, triathlon, golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, surfing, motocross and virtually every other athletic endeavor imaginable, and is catching on with the boomer ageless athletes. TRX was born in the Navy SEALS, the suspension training made it possible to train anywhere to stay in peak condition.

The TRX provides a portable solution for people of all ages (teens to older adults) and all levels of ability, fitness to reach their goals. Stay fit by training anywhere and everywhere. We provide TRX Suspension Exercise training in treatment, prevention, wellness, fitness and performance training.

Your TRX Mobile Training Options:

• TRX Personal Training at home
• TRX Training Clinic small group or one-on-one at your place of business, home or outdoor location

TRX in Personal Training:

TRX Training tools are lightweight, portable and easy to set up. TRX is very suitable for in-home personal training, door attachments or special wall attachments. The portability of the TRX allows us to take your training in your living room or exercise space, your back yard or local park.  We use the TRX Suspension Trainer to train multiple components of fitness to rehabilitative musculoskeletal injuries or disabilities, prevent injuries, promote health and fitness and enhance performance.

Safe and Effective Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation:

Whether used for rehabilitation or prevention of musculoskeletal injuries the TRX Training is scalable to any level of fitness. The versatility of TRX Training gives us the ability to develop mobility, joint stability and strength in multiple planes of motion, all with the same piece of equipment.

TRX Training Clinic (1.5 to 2 hour session depending on the number of participants):

We can provide private small group or on-on-one private TRX training, this includes learning:

  • Components of the Suspension Trainer
  • Set-up and Anchoring of the Suspension Trainer
  • Body positions for effective training

Procedures for Efficient Training:

  • Adjusting the length
  • Single handle mode
  • Heels in
  • Toes in
  • Even pressure
  • Offset foot position change body angle to adjust resistance; Vector Principle
  • Change base of support to adjust stability
  • Change starting position to adjust resistance

Six TRX Sins you Learn to Avoid:

  1. Starting
  2. Sawing
  3. Slacking
  4. Sagging
  5. Scraping
  6. Stopping

TRX Foundational Movement Progressions:

  • Plank
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Squat
  • lunge

TRX training can strengthen the entire body in multiple planes of motion, with large integrated movements. We can modify intensity by selecting more or less advanced progressions for each exercise. We can lengthen the work intervals; shorten the rest intervals or both to increase the demands on cardiovascular and muscular endurance. We can also add multiple sets of each exercise within the circuit, or can repeat the circuit multiple times. Get a feel for what Suspension training on the TRX can do for you.